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            企業文化/CORPORATE CULTURE







                Core Values: Spirit Inheritance ,Credit Management, Quality Priority, All-Win Cooperation and Social Responsibility

            Spirit Inheritance:  Inheriting the struggle spirit of the older generation of Chemical industry practitioners and establishing new situation of the chemical industry in new era, we are making contribution to the development of the country, bringing passion to the development of the industry and making consistent efforts to reform and innovate for sustainable development.

                Credit Management: Credit is the primary core value of us, as well as the guarantee for our enterprise’s sustainable development. We trust and respect each other with our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. On this basis, we are expecting a long-term and all-win cooperation model.

                Quality Priority: We deeply develop the value of supply chain, optimize the supplier system and ensure the quality and stability of the supply side. We carry out the lean management and achieve excellent quality competitiveness by innovative research and development management, total quality management and standardized operation.

                All-Win Cooperation: We promotes the all-win cooperation mindset as the active guideline of every employee. We have been striving to achieve the maximum comprehensive efficiency and all-win cooperation whether in teamwork or in cooperation with customers.

                Social Responsibility: We have abandoned the traditional business philosophy of viewing the profit as the single goal. Instead, we emphases on creating sustainable revenues for customers, employees, other stakeholders, environment and society. We are committed to green manufacturing, energy conserving and emissions reducing, environmentally protecting, which reflect our social responsibility.



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